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Social Wave 1.6 Released

I'm pleased to announce that Social Wave was released last week. This latest release lines up Social Wave to carry out some philosophical changes that I've wanted to implement in how we run the site. here's a summary of what we'll be able to do differently with the recent upgrades.

Backend changes to support new Social Wave portal sites

Any group on socialwave.net can now have their own custom site that displays feeds of any content posted to their group on socialwave.net. For an example, see the Downtown Campbell Group and then see the DowntownCampbell.com site.

Currently, any portal set-up for a SocialWave group will need to be a custom set-up done by us, but if there's any interest from people to do this themselves, I'll publish a toolkit for socialwave.net integration in the future.

There are currently two socialwave.net portals (downtowncampbell.com and downtownwillowglen.org). We plan to roll out another one for the Downtown Campbell Neighborhood Association soon and are exploring group portal sites for other groups as well.

Allow Guest Posting of Topics, Events, and RSVPs

To allow the portal sites to be interactive, and also because we recognize the need to open up posting permissions on socialwave.net to stimulate more activity, we've made it possible to post to the Social Wave network by passing a CAPTCHA and email validation process.

We expect regular users to also use the guest posting feature. We've had a lot of users tell us that they don't want to bother with logging in or they can't ever remember how to login. As long as people provide the same email address as their registered account, registered users can now post as guests, but have their posts linked to their account.

Post reviews, events, and topics into forums

Instead of keeping events, topics, and reviews separated, they can now all be grouped into forum categories. I expect this to improve the ease of posting for some users who get confused navigating around the site and it's also an important step to make the new RSS feeds more useful.

RSS 2.0 Feeds for all Forums and Groups

In order to better network with neighborhood blogs and websites throughout Silicon Valley, I've finally gotten around to publishing RSS feeds of forum content and group content. In some cases, forum and group content are exactly the same. As mentioned just above, the forums now contain events and reviews that can be posted directly into them and will also be reflected in the RSS feeds.

There are also other notable changes that I'm not listing here. For a more complete list please view this thread:

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