Enrich Your Life Story--Move Beyond What's Holding You Back

10:00am   4/14/12   $40 in advance or $50 the day The Enlightened Mind

This group workshop at The Enlightened Mind will lead you through a unique, experiential healing process designed to provide tools for conquering emotional and physical issues, raising your awareness and opening up the possibility for change. We will be working from the mythical realms.

This is a 2 hour workshop dedicated to helping you understand where you are and where you are heading. We will work in a small group setting.

Highlights include: 

  • Identifying what makes you feel “stuck” in your life, which may be “hidden” to you
  • Becoming aware of how you perceive the world around you
  • Experiencing techniques for connecting with what is deep inside you and releasing what is holding you back.

Event Details:

The Enlightened Mind
409 E Campbell Ave, STE 220
Campbell, CA
Start Time: