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Andrew Spivey, Financial Planner

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Helping individuals, families & businesses plan their financial affairs
Andrew Spivey, Financial Planner
1999 S. Bascom Ave.
Campbell, CA · [ Map ]

Phone: 408.963.2882

Andrew Spivey, Financial Planner Website

6:30am - 6:30pm

14 years in the financial services industry, multiple families with relationships that surpass 10+ years

Clients include Individuals & Families, Businesses & Owners, Non-Profits/Foundations

Investment Management

Retirement account management; advanced growth strategies & planning for income later

Individual & Trust Brokerage Accounts including conservative & tax efficient growth strategies

Company & Small businesses; setting up personal/company savings & retirement plans
Concentrated stock position management for company stock portfolios

Investment Vehicles

Stocks, ETF, Bonds, Preferred Stock, Mutual Funds; both traditional & tactical strategies

Trading & Option Strategies (i.e. covered call writing)

Income Structures: accumulation & distribution phases (taxable or non-taxable)

Life Insurance & Annuities for longer term planning, income strategies & portfolio defense

Experienced & have managed the long term care & wealth transfer (insurance and inheritance) process along side clients

What’s different?

Binder with consolidated financial information containing everything you need to keep organized & on plan.

Active management without relying heavily one particular asset type (such as expensive mutual funds).

Family Office approach to organization, planning, record keeping, investment management, budgeting and education.

Just because you are young doesn't mean it's OK to lose money by taking larger risks - we invest based on what's happening NOW.
Just because you are retired, doesn't mean you shouldn't hold good quality stocks - relying too heavily on one assets class (such as bond funds) can do more harm than good.

Structured budget plans for families as well as education events for further knowledge of the industry.
I explain FEES in detail. There are no surprises!
We walk through the good, bad and ugly of every investment - then make the decision.

Check writing, Debit Card & Credit Card capability.


About the Owner

Andrew Spivey
I am a family man in every sense of the phrase. There is nothing more I’d rather do on a given day then to be with my family doing just about anything. I love being eye level with my kids, losing myself in their imagination and seeing the world from their point of view. It’s truly liberating considering what I see every day in the “adult world”. I also love talking about life with my spouse and best friend. There is nothing more humbling than seeing your reflection in another human being and finding the courage to evolve in order to keep your relationship fresh and exciting; regardless of what stage you are in your life. She helps me do that and that’s why I’ll always be grateful to her.

My personal past is the reason I do what I do today. I did not grow up in money and developed very poor financial habits at an early age. It’s not hard for that to sneak up on you where all of a sudden you are in a web of financial stress that is extremely difficult to free yourself from. I was constantly learning things the hard way and hit hurdle after hurdle. I had, embedded in me, a pretty powerful victim-like attitude and began to get very frustrated and depressed. I wanted out; so I turned around and starred right into the eyes of the dark monster itself. I immersed myself in the banking world and vowed to change the path of my family’s dynamic and am striving, to this day, to continue that path and share what I have learned with others. I share this rather embarrassing (considering what I do now) personal piece for two reasons. One, I can relate to the masses out there who do not consist of the top 1%. Most people have financial struggles at some point or another and need experience to help them. Also, I have seen the exact same depression in people with all the money in the world. I’ve seen families crumble because of poor decisions or bad advice. I’ve always thought that, with my experiences and relentless search for germane knowledge, I could help lead people away from that web of stress I encountered (with or without money), enabling them to enjoy other aspects of their lives that truly deserved much more of their time.

I was also fascinated with how the financial industry intertwined with just about every other industry and driving force out there that made the world tick, day in and day out. I knew that if I pursued this industry it would have no parallel to any other industry in terms of accessing vast amounts knowledge. I learn more about people, countries, industries, politics, technologies and innovations than I would in any other career. I personally like the people aspect the most.

With this career I have used more of my psychology schooling than economics tenfold. In fact, I’d let others know, who may want a career in this industry, that you should major in people first, economics second. It’s the people that will be here driving this world forever; the economy changes daily. My econ books are, for the most part, outdated. Understanding the emotional factors behind making decisions are what fascinates me and will always be relevant; only the actual decision itself changes.

The majority of my clients have stayed with me through two large bank/brokerage firms, and have followed me on my path towards independence when I felt I had a better experience to share; thank God. They have seen me grow, fall down, get back up, mature and re-invent the wheel a hundred times. All the while, their best interests were my main priority so even through emotional and financial turmoil, I still had my people. That says a lot about how keeping the needs of someone at the forefront of your practice will eventually lead you to where you need to be; even though it may seem hard sometimes. Without their support and continued loyalty, I would not have the life that I lead with my family now. I take that into consideration with every new potential client I meet. They are my life-line and I treat them that way.

I am certain that this is not my last effort to reinvent the wheel either. I’ll be reinventing this wheel constantly as long as our industry changes. But my clients know that, and they consistently appreciate my innovation and continued search for the very best. It may not always be perfect, but it is a hell of a lot closer to it than most; and that effort has satisfied my clients for over 10 years.

Andrew Spivey, Financial Planner - 1999 S. Bascom Ave. Campbell,CA - 408.963.2882
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