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Sheldon's Member ProfileSheldon's Member ProfileSheldon's Member Profile
Sheldon in Campbell, CA
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  Member Since: May 8 2003
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Just the Basic 411 on Sheldon

Real Name: Sheldon Chang
Nicknames: smirk, Sheldog
Sex: Male
Age: Thirtysomething
Marital Status: Committed
Occupation: Freelance Web Developer
Location Campbell, CA
Alma Maters: Saratoga High School, Boston University, Sargent College
Contact Me: Email Poster
Home Page:
Profile Last Updated: Jul 21 2012, 03:43 AM    

About Sheldon

I built my first website in 1996 while working toward my master's degree in physical therapy at Boston University. I finished that degree while tinkering with early Web technology, got licensed as a physical therapist, and promptly got sucked into the tech world by way of the dot com boom less than a year after I started my clinical career.

I like finding quirky places to explore, reading non-fiction, seeing live music (esp acoustic and folk), trying hole in the wall places to eat, playing harmonica, and doing photography. I was once a insane exercise freak, but I'm pretty happy these days to have a more "normal person" exercise routine. I put in some miles running, lift the occasional weights, punch and kick things, and practice Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

I live with my wife Mary, a roommate, our very cheerful canary, Buddy and our sort of cat, Mrs. Peterson. That's "sort of" as in "sort of ours" and not me suspecting that she's not 100% cat. I'm sure you wanted to know that. Carry on.
Tags: acoustic, American, Army of Darkness, Sushi, BBQ, Blues, Hockey, Blues Harmonica, boston university, clinical, esp, exercise, fiction, Folk, Baseball, MySQL, Freelance Web Developer, Hockey, Legend of Drunken Master II, live music, Mac, memento, BBQ, music, MySQL, Oakland As, pho, photography, PHP, physical therapist, reading, reading, Rock, running, Saratoga High School, Sargent College, SJ Sharks, Sushi, tech, technology, Thai, therapist, Vietnamese, weights, working
F A V O R I T E S :
Color: Navy Blue, Light Grey
Music: Folk, Blues, Rock
Movie: Memento, Army of Darkness, Legend of Drunken Master II
Book: Letters to a Young Poet, Catcher in the Rye, Things I Like About America
Food: Thai, Vietnamese, Pho, Mexican, Sushi, American, BBQ
Sport: SJ Sharks, Hockey, Baseball, Oakland A's
Drink: Diet Mountain Dew, Brewed Coffee

A Few Fun Questions

How Long Have You Lived in the Bay Area?
All or most of my life
Computing Platform
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Garbage Truck Driver (It looked like fun!)
if you have a super power, what is it?
I can make bread turn moldy just by thinking about it.
My hobbies, interests, and special skills
I have an uncanny ability to attract very very odd people. My impressive ability to remember obscure and trivial things for a long long time is only matched by my ability to forget very important details from five minutes ago.
Unusual facts and stories about me
I've lived through some truly bizarre roommate situations and am probably lucky to have escaped all of them alive and intact. Here's just a few. I've had a kitchen knife held up to my chest by a female roommate who snapped. I've directed the evacuation of my house while fighting a fire that a roommate started with a cigarette. I've lived in a house that would make MTV's the Real World look like I Love Lucy. There were six people in that house: an ex-con, a drug dealer, a gang banger, a flamboyantly gay guy in advanced stages of HIV infection, an underaged girl who worked as a nude dancer, and me. Ironically enough, I was the one who almost ended up in jail.
If you're married or committed, say something about your other half. How did you meet and what sparked your interest?
Mary and I met through, which I consider a minor miracle given the unspectacular results I got through it previously.
Places I've lived in
Born in San Jose. Lived: Santa Clara, CA; Saratoga, CA; Boston, MA (College, Yay!); Greensboro, NC (WTF!); Portland, OR (Thumbs Up); Bakersfield, CA (cough!), Campbell (mmmm...)
About my favorite childhood toy
LEGO! How many endless hours of imagination did I invest in those colorful plastic blocks that you don't want to swallow! I also logged some pretty good time on our Radio Shack TRS-80 MODEL 1 (aka the "Trash-80").
Best compliment ever given or received
Received: You're the smartest person I've ever met... who does things this dumb!
The store I'd max out my credit card at
The Apple Store or Fry's. I have so much software that I need to use on a regular basis that there's always something that I need to upgrade. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd even end up buying anything just for the fun of it at these places.
Pet peeves and other annoyances
People who talk and talk and talk at concerts and movies. People who don't have the empathy to understand how their way of seeing the world may not ring true for everyone. People who talk constantly on their cell phone to other people while you're with them.
Favorite quote/odd fact
"Tragedy is just comedy that's been insufficiently developed."
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