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techvbjoe's Member Profiletechvbjoe's Member Profiletechvbjoe's Member Profile
techvbjoe in San Jose, CA
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  Member Since: Jul 12 2004
  Last Visit: Aug 17 2010
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Just the Basic 411 on techvbjoe

Real Name: Joe Victor
Nicknames: JR
Sex: Male
Age: Fortysomething
Marital Status: Not Committed
Occupation: Home Remodeling Salesperson
Location San Jose, CA
Alma Maters: James Lick Comets, Ucla Bruins
Contact Me: Email Poster
Home Page: No Homepage
Profile Last Updated: Apr 27 2005, 02:07 PM    

About techvbjoe

my motto currently is "emphasize the positive". It takes no effort to be critical of something. Find something good in everyone and everything. I always appreciate I am still here. I try to be nice to others, listen and share. I am an extrovert: I get energized from others, love a crowd. My interests are to organize sports socials. I alternate between tennis and volleyball. It's a great, informal way to meet people, get exercise and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I have three dogs, one cat and currently three of the most adorable kittens you have ever seen: Popeye, Bluto, and Sweet Pea. I am interested in placing them in good homes. We help Safe Haven place cats in permanent homes.
Tags: basketball, blues, bowling, i cook, darts, dead, dogs, fiddler on the roof, foosball, garden, healthy, home remodeling salesperson, james lick comets, i love to cook, mexican, outdoors, ping pong, pop, raquetball, reggae, social activities i love sports, something to dance to, sports, tennis, ucla bruins, usual suspect, volleyball, volleyball&tennis now
F A V O R I T E S :
Color: blue
Music: reggae, dead, pop, blues, something to dance to
Movie: lots, usual suspect, fiddler on the roof
Book: Alister McLean adventures, bio's, newspapers
Food: I love to cook, mexican, healthy
Sport: volleyball and tennis now
Drink: lynchburg lemonade, good beer, anything

A Few Fun Questions

How Long Have You Lived in the Bay Area?
All or most of my life
Computing Platform
--Choose One
What did you want to be when you grew up?
pro tennis player
if you have a super power, what is it?
to make people laugh
My hobbies, interests, and special skills
I cook, garden, do home improvement for a living and for myself. I love wine tasting informally. I love meeting people thru the internet or social activities. I love sports, mostly tennis and volleyball. But I play when the situation is ideal: golf, bowling, ping pong, foosball, darts, basketball, raquetball, etc.... I like the competition and company.
Places I've lived in
Los Angeles, Brentwood and San Jose
About my favorite childhood toy
my honda 70 minibike
Best compliment ever given or received
I got called "crazy legs" while chasing down a tennis ball.
The store I'd max out my credit card at
Pet Club but they don't take credit cards......THAN<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>K GOODNESS
Pet peeves and other annoyances
Cigarette smokers who throw their lit butts out the window. I could kill them. They don't know what they risk. Also people who don't know how to pull over out of the flow of traffic to make a turn.
Favorite quote/odd fact
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