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Julie's Member ProfileJulie's Member ProfileJulie's Member Profile
Julie in Oakland, CA
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  Member Since: Aug 7 2004
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Just the Basic 411 on Julie

Real Name: Julie Larwood
Nicknames: No Information
Sex: Female
Age: Fortysomething
Marital Status: Committed
Occupation: Montessori teacher
Location Oakland, CA
Alma Maters: San Francisco Montessori Training Center
Contact Me: Only members may contact this member.
Home Page: No Homepage
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About Julie

I grew up in the East Bay and that is where I found the man of my dreams (well he really found me). I moved to Los Gatos and we married in Campbell June 7, 2003. I have been teaching Montessori preschool for about 18 years and love it! This is why I don't need to have my own kids. I love the outdoors and doing things with others. I look forward to meeting people in our community.
Tags: anything played on kfog, barneys hamburgers, baseball, beatles, doing things, fish tacos, Jack Johnson, kids, kids, Mac, Madeleine Peryoux, meeting people, Miles Davis, montessori teacher, norah jones, outdoors, people, young frankenstien, zacharys
F A V O R I T E S :
Color: blue, purple
Music: Beatles, Norah Jones, anything played on KFOG
Movie: Young Frankenstien.......
Book: The Secret Behind the Genuis and many more
Food: fish tacos, Barney's hamburgers, Zachary's
Sport: baseball
Drink: Peets coffee

A Few Fun Questions

How Long Have You Lived in the Bay Area?
All or most of my life
Computing Platform
What did you want to be when you grew up?
teacher or a bank lady
if you have a super power, what is it?
to be a fly on a wall and listen to peoples conversations
Favorite Musicians, Bands, or Artists
Beatles, Norah Jones, Madeleine Peryoux, Jack Johnson, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday anything played on KFOG and many more.
Favorite places that you have visited or want to visit on vacation
Maui, Colorado
My hobbies, interests, and special skills
Making jewelry, gardening, telling kids stories
Unusual facts and stories about me
I had brain surgery in June 1997 at Stanford. They took out my left uncis and left hippocampus. I no longer have seizures now. I don't know how to drive
If you're married or committed, say something about your other half. How did you meet and what sparked your interest?
We lived in an apartment area (12 houses) and I was outside talking to my neighbor and he was doing his laundry. He said a quick "HI" and then came back to meet me. He had met everyone in the complex but myself. He was told I was in the peacecore so figured that was why we had not met. We talked I showed him the curtains I had just made and we talked for hours. He then cooked dinner for me. That was 3 years ago..........
Do you have kids or own any pets?
I have a step daughter. But she is all grown up
Places I've lived in
I was born in Riverside, California. We moved to get out of the smog up to the Bay Area. I grew up in Orinda. At age 18 I moved out and lived in Lafayette then Pleasant Hill, Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Los Gatos, San Jose. Now I am back home...OAKLAND!
About my favorite childhood toy
My Raggedy Ann
Best compliment ever given or received
You have beautiful blue eyes
The store I'd max out my credit card at
Global Beads, Cost Plus, Norstroms
Pet peeves and other annoyances
Smoking, burping, spitting
Favorite quote/odd fact
"It could be worse, it could be raining" Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein
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