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ArsNova's Member ProfileArsNova's Member ProfileArsNova's Member Profile
ArsNova in Campbell, CA
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  Member Since: Oct 6 2003
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Just the Basic 411 on ArsNova

Real Name: Mary
Nicknames: No Information
Sex: Female
Age: Thirtysomething
Marital Status: Committed
Occupation: Domestic Goddess / House Elf
Location Campbell, CA
Alma Maters: Simon's Rock, KCL, NEC, UVic
Contact Me: Only members may contact this member.
Home Page: No Homepage
Profile Last Updated: Nov 30 2009, 06:08 PM    

About ArsNova

Friendly, quick to laugh, caring, intellectually curious, and strong-willed, I'm a good listener who loves to learn more about people and share thoughts and ideas.

My current occupation could best be described as Domestic Goddess or House Elf (depending on the day), but in the past I've worked as a professionally-trained composer of classical music, a university lecturer, a concert manager and publicist, a conference director, a board member of a non-profit music organization, a fundraiser for a non-profit dance company, an events coordinator for a research institute, and a career counselor for law students. Life is rarely dull!

I'm completely addicted to NPR and the New Yorker, and I love to read, watch professional ice hockey, and play in the dirt with little green things. But, in my opinion, there's nothing nicer than sitting with friends and chatting over a cup of mint tea. A sense of community is very important to me, which is why I'm active in Social Wave and my church.

I live with my husband, Sheldon; our roommate; our pet canary, Tuck; and several of the neighbors' cats, who patrol the backyard year-round.
Tags: bluegrass, cats, classical, classical music, coordinator, counselor, dance, dance, director, domestic goddess, events, events coordinator, folk, friends, fundraiser, goddess, hockey, House Elf, http:, ice hockey, jazz, kcl, Little Miss Sunshine, Mac, music, nec, non-profit, organization, people, professional, research, rock, simons rock, students, uvic, watch
F A V O R I T E S :
Color: ivory
Music: classical, rock, folk, jazz, bluegrass
Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
Book: anything by Mark Salzman
Food: mint chocolate chip soymilk ice cream
Sport: ice hockey
Drink: hot apple cider

A Few Fun Questions

How Long Have You Lived in the Bay Area?
More than three years
Computing Platform
What did you want to be when you grew up?
A professional recorder player
if you have a super power, what is it?
The ability to look familiar. A surprising number of people I meet think they've met me before, even though they haven't.
My hobbies, interests, and special skills
Simple crochet work, counted cross stitch, working with plants, photography, music-writing, and music-making. I'm also an NPR addict.
Unusual facts and stories about me
By the time I was 28 years old, I had 5 college degrees and no high-school diploma.
If you're married or committed, say something about your other half. How did you meet and what sparked your interest?
My husband, Sheldon,and I met on one fair summer. I was initially struck by how polite and considerate he was - he was definitely the most thoughtful guy I'd met. But I'd have to say what sparked my interest the most was on our second date, when his strong sense of ethics, his desire to help others, and his absurd sense of humor shone through. I've been hooked ever since...
Do you have kids or own any pets?
I have had an American Singer canary named Tuck since the spring of 2003. He was sold to me by a breeder because she couldn't use him in canary song bird competitions. He has a beautiful extended song, but he has performance anxiety; he'll only sing if he thinks no one's paying attention.
Places I've lived in
Colorado, Massachusetts, England, British Columbia...
About my favorite childhood toy
Definitely my stuffed Eeyore (you know, the donkey from the AA Milne stories). I dragged it with me everywhere from the time I was 2 until...well...I still keep it in my closet...(shhhh! don't tell anybody!)
The store I'd max out my credit card at
Whole Foods Market!! I'll take some of that salmon, the bison steak, a bunch of fresh greens, some fancy cheese, a bag of organic apples and pears fresh off the tree, and a big ol' tub of mint chocolate chip soy milk ice cream!! Just put it on my card, please.
Pet peeves and other annoyances
1) Publications that can't figure out when to use "its" and "it's". Strunk & White says it all.... 2) Large engagement rings. Every time I see a large diamond, I wonder how many Africans had to die in the diamond trade to procure it. I just can't help it.
Favorite quote/odd fact
"What it all boils down to is this. If a man teaches composition in a university, how can he not be a composer? He has worked hard, learned his craft. Ergo, he is a composer. A professional. Like a doctor. But there is that doctor who opens you up, does exactly the right thing, closes you up - and you die. He failed to take the chance that might have saved you. Art is a crucial, dangerous operation we perform on ourselves. Unless we take chances, we die in art." - Morton Feldman
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