The Monterey Police Department invites you to join our next Community Academy to learn how your police department operates. During the eleven week course, you will be exposed to every aspect of how we keep Monterey safe. We will strive to answer all the questions you have about policing the “Monterey Way” and why we do the things we do. You will hear from the men and woman who are responsible for delivering quality professional police services and even have an opportunity to ride on patrol with them!! Everyone gets involved, from the Chief of Police to our newest recruit!!

This course is not meant to train people to be police officers. Rather, it is intended to open communication and reconnect us with you, the people we serve. Those that have already graduated have left with a renewed appreciation for what police work is about.


  • City Government
  • Patrol procedure
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Records/Jail
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Police Department Structure
  • Arrest, Detention and Use of Force
  • Firearms Safety
  • 21 st Century Policing
  • …..and various other department programs

Classes are held at the Monterey Police Department Wednesday nights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.There is no cost for this course.

Next Course Begins September 6, 2017

To be eligible, one must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • live or work in the City of Monterey
  • Have no felony convictions or any misdemeanor arrest within the last 12 months.

For additional information or to request an application, please call the

Monterey Police Department 646-3831

Venture Gallery, located 260 Alvarado Street in Old Monterey, is excited to welcome new member artist Amanda Menefee. A member of the Central Coast Art Association and a board member of Pacific Grove Art Center, Amanda writes: "Painting landscapes of places I've visited helps to anchor them in my memory. When a scene captures my attention, it's due to a combination of the vibrancy of colors, textures, angles, and contrasts that attract me.

"In my life as well as in my art, variety is key. I enjoy drawing and painting portraits, animals, still life and landscapes, and often work on multiple paintings at once. I studied under my father, Randy Wilson, an art instructor and watercolorist at Butte College, Wayne Thiebaud at UC Davis, Ken Morrow at CSU Chico, and now Romanoos through the Pacific Grove Art Center. I've experimented with watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel and oil."

For 24 hours on June 24 and 25, YACsters did a ton of outstanding work, acted just the right amount of crazy, and raised some serious money for Youth Arts Collective! Thanks to all of you who sponsored us. If you're still interested in contributing to YAC but haven't done so yet, donations will be matched until the end of July 2017. Although sleep deprived and loopy, most YACsters said they enjoyed ARTathon...and we call that a success.

YAC is a nonprofit, after school art studio and mentorship program for high school and college artists - brilliant and struggling, confident and fringe, multi-ethnic, multi-tempered, and over 40% financially challenged. They learn art, job, and life skills, and gain a healthy dose of self-esteem and gratitude along the way. YACsters learn to believe in themselves, take creative risk, and give back. 100% graduate from high school. 95% of YACsters go on to university, college, and art college - many on scholarships.

Beginning Monday, July 17 and continuing into the autumn of 2018, during construction of the new Monterey Bay Aquarium Center for Ocean Education and Leadership, there will be periodic safety delays on the Recreation Trail at Hoffman Avenue during crane operations over the trail. Hoffman Avenue will remain open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic for the duration of the construction project. Each brief Recreation Trail delay will last about 5 minutes and will take place only on weekdays, 7am-5pm.

PLEASE NOTE: If you see the crane arm moving when it’s not in operation, don’t worry! Like a weathervane, tower cranes are engineered to shift with the wind when they are not operating. The arm is designed to move so the crane won’t tip over even in strong winds.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Aquarium’s Public Affairs Director Barbara Meister, 831-648-4978. Full details and a map are attached.

St. Lucy Parish School is a thriving Pre-K - 8th Grade Catholic School near Downtown Campbell. Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2017 enrollment in Pre-K through 8th grade.

Our students are guided to develop an appreciation and joy for learning, in a safe, nurturing environment where teachers and parents partner together in support of student growth. Each day our students develop skills for life through faith-development, challenging academics, leadership opportunities, and service to others.

We love to schedule private tours with prospective families, so please contact us now to schedule yours! Call (408) 378-6196 or email [email protected].

For more information, please vist our website:

St. Lucy School is known for having a well-rounded program, welcoming community atmosphere, academic excellence, and commitment to the Church and society. We provide a challenging, comprehensive, and values-based curriculum enhanced with art, music, P.E., Spanish and computer classes. Outstanding technology resources are available to all students, and reflect the spirit of innovation in our school program. A peek into our renovated classrooms reveals organized, comfortable spaces, integrated technology, and evidence of a passion for learning by both teachers and students. Each day, our 330 students develop skills for life through faith-development, challenging academics, leadership opportunities, and service to others. St. Lucy students are guided to develop an appreciation and joy for learning each day!

We have one class per grade level, which makes for a close, intimate experience for teachers, students, and families as they “grow up” together. We are not too small, not too large, but just right. Our size allows students to be connected to each other across grade levels through the Buddy Program, Family Groups Program, Junior High Electives Program, and extra­curricular clubs. This helps our school feel like a family.

In 2013, we were proud to celebrate 60 years of excellence in the historic Campbell community! Our families come from Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, and Willow Glen areas. We often say “It takes a village” when describing the school community. If you choose St. Lucy School, you will be welcomed whole-heartedly by the strong community of teachers, staff, fellow parents, and students. Working together to develop a sense of community and support for student growth is an important characteristic of our families from the first moment they first enter St. Lucy School. The bonds that are made, often last a life-time.

High School Readiness

Our graduates are well prepared for the challenges of high school, and 100% of our students who applied to a Catholic high school were accepted. St. Lucy Faculty prepares advanced students to succeed in testing out of entry-level high school courses such as Spanish 1, Algebra 1, and basic science.

St. Lucy students were accepted at the following local Catholic high schools:

  • Archbishop Mitty High School
  • Bellarmine College Preparatory
  • Notre Dame High School San Jose
  • Presentation High School
  • St. Francis High School
  • St. Lawrence Academy

Every spring, we poll our freshman graduates and their parents about their transition, which provides insight into the strength of our program. Our administration and teachers work closely with students and parents to shepherd them through the high school admission and decision process. Our graduates are well prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond!

Affect someone's day in a positive way! Tidbits of love: messages of gratitude & inspiration on whimsically designed little cards - 40 Tidbits per box. Slip one into a pocket, on a pillow or a keyboard...leave one on a tip tray with your tip...or as a surprise on a park bench... Endless possibilities! . . .