March gales bring April sales at Sunshine Freestyle Sport! All through the month of April 2017, take 30% off any one item in the store (excluding wetsuits and surfboards); to redeem this offer, screenshot or print out this flyer and come on down. It's time to spend some of that tax return you hopefully received! Limit is one per customer.

The Spa at Monterey Hotel invites you to enjoy our new spring spa treatments! We're now offering our signature body treatments in three new limited scents: Sweet Orchid Body Wrap ($195 for 60 min), British Botanical Body Wrap ($195 for 60 min), and Ginger Lime Body Scrub ($150 for 30 min).

We're also offering a Superfood ProRadiance Facial ($145 for 60 min), a nutritional boost rich in super foods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energizing, detoxifying actives.

Book your treatment today and feel refreshed for spring, 831-375-3184.

Sunshine Freestyle Sport is looking forward to our 37th Annual Surfabout in June 2017, but the cost of staging this classic family surfing event exceed what Sunshine's owners, Rich and Robert, can absorb this year. So we're reaching out to our community to help make this authentic, original Monterey County event happen once again. We've started a GoFundMe page and ask for our awesome family members to contribute what you can. Every dollar donated will be used directly and only for the contest. If we don't receive ample funds and have to cancel the contest, we will reimburse everyone who has donated.

This year's event is scheduled for June 3 and 4, 2017. Our timeline for this is to be completely funded by the end of April. Please consider supporting this soulful community event and help us reach our $7,500 fundraising goal.

The Sunshine Freestyle Surfabout is Monterey County’s only annual surfing competition. Initially founded by then-surf shop owner Brad Johnson and his friend Tom Knight, the Surfabout is open only to county residents who want to participate in its men and women’s surfing, longboarding, bodyboarding, and distance paddling competitions.

Many fans of Revival Ice Cream have asked if we feature “sugar-free” ice cream. We don’t, and we’d like to explain why. Sugar is a necessary ingredient in ice cream for two crucial reasons. The first and simplest reason is this: ice cream is a dessert; can you imagine unsweet ice cream? The second reason is less simple but equally important: ice cream would freeze and become rock hard without sugar!

Sugar slows down the time it takes for water based liquids to freeze. When sugar molecules are introduced to a custard base they create more matter which creates more heat, and more heat makes for a slower freezing time and a faster melting time. Sugar separates the ice crystals and helps to make the smooth and creamy texture which is desirable in ice cream.

On Revival Ice Cream's blog in coming weeks, join us for a closer look at how the right kinds of sugars help us function and learn about how we're using lower amounts of higher quality sugar than other ice cream companies. We'll also educate you on the downside of using artificial sweeteners.

CarmelBarre in Monterey invites caregivers and their babies age 4 weeks and up to join us for our Babies N' Barre Class on Tuesdays at 11:45am. The Babies N' Barre Class is a great way for moms and babies to bond while getting their workout on. Please bring a baby carrier, blanket, etc. - anything you need to keep your little one happy! Please sign up online in advance. We will only hold class with 4 or more signups.

Pricing is as follows: $20 for a single class, or $80 for 8 classes (this $80 package will allow you to take advantage of other class offerings as well).

It is with mixed feelings that Bamboo Reef Scuba Dive Shop in Monterey announces that Keith McNutt is stepping down as manager. Keith has managed the Lighthouse Avenue shop for 27 years and has a loyal following.

Bamboo Reef Monterey has a high reputation in the tech diving community because of the quality of the gas mixtures prepared for their tanks. This is primarily due to Keith's high standards. Keith has instilled in his staff the importance of customer service, quality, and safety, and under his leadership Bamboo Reef Monterey was once again voted the best dive shop in Monterey for 2016. But Keith is not leaving Bamboo Reef yet! He will be around to help out with the transition and still plans to lead some tours and teach some classes.

Bamboo Reef in Monterey is excited to announce that Adam Lester has accepted the position as manager. Adam is a Monterey native and has been with Bamboo Reef for 6 years. Adam recently received his instructor credentials and has been leading tours and now helping new divers explore and learn to dive in Monterey. Adam has worked closely with Keith and has been the person to go to in Keith's absence.

Bamboo Reef wishes Keith all the best as he and his wife, Carol, start their new adventure, and we wish Adam success in his new endeavor. We will be hosting an event at Bamboo Reef on Friday, April 21, 6pm-8pm, where both of our stars will be present. Come by and thank Keith for all he has done for the diving community and welcome Adam in his new role.