Couples Workshop: Connecting through Collage

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Making art together is a great way to connect in a welcoming, safe environment.
Monday nights from 7-9pm

$40 per couple.

Lori Krein Studios
2231 Winchester Blvd
Campbell, 95008

We'll do a quick "how-to" lesson on collage, engage in fun warm-up exercises to get our creativity going...and then, engage in the following projects together. Each week, we'll do a different activity.

Create a Collage Together
Together, you will choose the materials that go into the collage, and then decide how to arrange them. It's a great bonding experience, and at the end of the night you will have a finished piece of art that you made together!

Start your own collage. After 45 minutes, you will switch canvases...and finish each other's work! It's always interesting to see how these end up.

Create an abstract portrait of your partner
if you could describe your partner with colors, textures, and patterns, what would they look like? Here's a great way to express how you see your partner, in a on-threatening, abstract, from-the-gut sort of way.

Vision Boards: What do you hope for the future in your life?
Create a vision board together, using images and words from magazines.

We'll discuss the finished projects during the last few minutes of each class (participation in discussion is optional!)

inquire to schedule private couples sessions. ($85 for 2 hours)
[email protected]

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Starts at:
2231 Winchester Blvd
Campbell, CA 95008