Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Antonio Gramsci

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For the tenth Theory and Philosophy Reading Group at Old Capitol Books, in collaboration with the Direct Action Monterey Network, we'll be examining struggles against solitary confinement by featuring the prison writings of Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci. For this reading group, we’ll be exploring an essay he wrote in prison, “Intellectuals and Hegemony.”

On the evening of November 8, 1926, Gramsci was arrested in Rome and, in accordance with a series of “Exceptional Laws” enacted by the fascist-dominated Italian legislature, committed to solitary confinement at the Regina Coeli prison. This began a ten-year odyssey, marked by almost constant physical and psychic pain that culminated, on April 27, 1937, in his death from a cerebral hemorrhage. Yet these prison years were also rich with intellectual achievement, as recorded in the notebooks he kept in his various cells that eventually saw the light after World War II, and as recorded also in the extraordinary letters he wrote from prison to friends and family members. Please visit the Old Capitol Books website for more information and a link to a free copy of the reading.

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