The Fire of Transformation: A Talk and Shamanic Ritual with Jon Rasmussen

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Luminata Books & Gifts presents The Fire of Transformation: A Talk and Shamanic Ritual with Jon Rasmussen. The event is free; love offerings are accepted.

Jon Rasmussen will give a talk on the subject of the transforming power of fire. He will look at actual fire and its cleansing power, as well as fire as a symbol of the eternal spirit - the source of love and wisdom that guides us from within. Afterwards, he will lead us in a shamanic ritual and guided journey, helping participants contact and expand the inner transforming light and fire of spirit.

Jon Rasmussen is a local shaman and author of Dreaming Your World into Being. His studies include apprenticeship with world famous shaman Alberto Villoldo, and tutelage in the Andes with the Q'ero Indians of Peru. Jon has a national reputation as a carrier of the authentic shamanic tradition of the Americas.

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