For Love and Money: The Astrology of Love and Relationship at Luminata Books

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Luminata Books and Gifts presents For Love and Money: The Astrology of Love and Relationship, a lecture by astrologer Dan Furst on Friday, October 19, 7:30pm-9pm. Fee is $10.

Dan Furst returns to Luminata to do private astrology and cartography readings and talk about a topic of immediate interest: how planet transits this year and in 2019 affect our finances and our love lives in this time of profound change. Dan's talk will cover the charts of participants who want to see how planet transits affect them personally. If you'd like him to include your chart and transits during his talk, please make sure to give Luminata all pertinent info in advance: your full name, birth date, and time and place of birth, by Monday, October 15.

​Dan will be available to do personal astro-cartography and astrology readings October 20-23. Astro-cartogtaphy ($150) covers locational topics and your best places in the world as well as your birth chart. ​Astrology readings ($125) focus on the timing of your best windows of opportunity for moving forward toward your goals. Both readings include mp4 video recordings of your session. To make an appointment, please contact Luminata at 831-333-1110.

​Dan Furst is one of the world's most outstanding astrologers and a leading global expert on astro-cartography, the science of knowing what places in the world are best for you. Those who saw him when he last visited Luminata several years ago and had their charts done know how significant and helpful a reading from Dan can be.

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631 Cass St
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