Luminata Books: Introduction to Crystal Medicine Singing Bowls

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Luminata Books and Gifts is pleased to present an Introduction to the Singing Bowls' Vibrational Empowerment and Healing, a talk and demonstration by Vali Francis. Fee is $20 per person.

Crystal singing bowls are powerful tools for healing, meditation and attunement to inner levels of being. Created out of quartz crystal, these bowls produce a pure tone of high frequency that can work in a healing way. Many people report powerful experiences in the presence of these sacred tools of consciousness. They can awaken higher emotions, feelings, and inner awareness of spiritual states. Crystal bowls can stimulate our higher energy centers and open our hearts.

Vali Francis has been working for many years with singing bowls and their healing and spiritual capacities. She will give a talk and demonstrate their use and influence. Come experience the beauty and power of these transformative tools.

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Starts at:
631 Cass St
Monterey, CA 93940