Art Opening: Monterey's Hidden Gem: A Journey Through Jade's History

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Monterey History and Art Association in partnership with Monterey Bay Jade Festival and Barrett Fine Art and Jade present an exhibition showcasing one of Monterey history's best kept secrets: jade. A free opening reception to the exhibition will be held on Saturday, May 18, 3pm-5pm.

"Monterey's Hidden Gem: A Journey Through Jade's History" invites you to traverse the veiled pathways of history and delve deep into the emerald-hued legacy that has quietly shaped our community. From the tranquil shores of Monterey Bay to the rugged cliffs of the Big Sur coast, jade has silently woven itself into the fabric of our local narrative.

Through a captivating display of artifacts, photographs, and interactive exhibits, "Monterey's Hidden Gem" reveals the untold stories of jade miners and artisans who carve out a living from the earth's green bounty. Experience the history and allure of Monterey Bay Jade at the Stanton Center through the end of June.

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5 Custom House Plaza
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