Flower Moon Sound Bath

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The full moon in May is called the Flower Moon because it happens during the time when all of the flowers come into full bloom. It is a time of great abundance. This year's Flower Moon is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, a sign that is about expansion, luck, and optimism. Under the powerful energy of this full moon, we will set the intention to feel and experience more abundance and expansion in our lives.

During a Sound Bath you will be lying comfortably on your yoga mat, you will be guided by the sounds of crystal & Tibetan bowls, and other healing instruments into a state of meditation, relaxation, and possibly heightened sensations.

Wear comfortable loose clothing.

What to bring:
Clean Yoga Mat
Small Pillow
Small Blanket
Water Bottle
Open Mind & Heart

Bonus Offers:

* Bring your favorite crystals to charge with high-vibrational energies during the sound bath

* Attendees receive 15% discount off in-store purchases the day of class

Event Details

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350 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008