Understanding Natural Dyeing Using Local Plants at Slowfiber

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Slowfiber presents a workshop by textile artist Kris Nardello entitled Central California Colors: Understanding Natural Dyeing Using Local Plants on Wednesday, March 20, 10am-1pm. Fee is $75. Please register here. We'll provide all materials to dye a sample skein of wool yarn in class.

The dye plants growing in our area are at their color-giving best during the winter/spring months. In this class, you'll learn to extract and then alter their hues. You'll also learn how to prepare protein fibers (wool, alpaca, silk, and other animal fibers) to accept and retain dyed color.

Kris has a deep understanding of what it means to be a local forager to get color. Additional information and resources from handouts will enable you to make your own botanical dyes later from plants growing wild and in your own environment.

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