Tax Assistance for Seniors at Scholze Park Community Center

Posted on February 9th, 2021 by Scholze Park Community Center

Monterey Recreation has partnered with the Alliance on Aging to offer coronavirus-safe tax preparation for seniors at the Scholze Park Community Center. This service is available by appointment only beginning in February 2021. Assistance is free and available in English and Spanish.

Interested seniors should call the Alliance on Aging at 831-655-1334 or visit this page to request an appointment to drop off their tax paperwork at the curb. When they arrive for their first appointment, an Alliance on Aging tax preparer will meet them at their vehicle to get their tax paperwork in order to prepare their taxes. A second Alliance on Aging tax preparer will then verify the taxes and the senior can return for a second appointment to pick up their prepared tax returns at the curb.

Scholze Park Community Center is located at 280 Dickman Avenue in Monterey. Please note that strict Covid-19 protocols will be followed and the Alliance on Aging tax preparers will not be sharing work space.