Monterey Learns! - The Fundraising Campaign for Monterey Public Library

Posted on April 6th, 2021 by omba

Even in a community that loves its library, public funding alone has never been enough to provide all the important resources our residents seek.

In March 2020, Monterey Public Library’s doors closed because of the global pandemic. The pandemic’s impact on tourism and the local economy drastically reduced City revenue. As a result, the City of Monterey reduced the Library’s budget by over 65%, cut the staff by 80%, and eliminated the book budget entirely.

In response, the Monterey Public Library Friends & Foundation publicly launched the year-long Monterey Learns! fundraising campaign in February 2021.

What does this fundraising campaign aim to accomplish? Make sure kids and teens have the tools they need to become strong readers. Put more books in the hands of adults. Present meaningful programs for all ages — from toddlers to teens to seniors. Ensure that information from the library's unique historical archive is accessible so the community and to researchers worldwide. Ease the strain of distance-learning for our families and teachers by ensuring that a trusted librarian is just a phone call away, and that reliable, carefully curated online resources remain available.

Libraries are at the heart of community, culture, education, and democracy. Learn more about the campaign and find out how to donate here.