CBD Experts’ Recommendation For Fast-Acting Joint Pain Relief

Posted on April 24th, 2024 by cloudcity

joint pain

How does CBD help with joint pain?

Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, research suggests this compound is an ideal candidate for natural joint pain relief. The best part? It doesn’t come with any of those dangerous side effects or long-term health risks as traditional painkillers do. As the best CBD store in Silicon Valley, our community trusts us to provide expert advice about CBD and all the health concerns it can address. So let’s get into some of Cloud City Supply’s expert recommendations for fast-acting joint pain relief.

CBD products that facilitate joint pain relief

If you struggle with aching muscles or joint pain, you need solutions that are as safe as they are effective. To that end, check out these best-selling products our customers love. What’s more, below our CBD experts weigh in on their recommendations for the most effective natural remedies for joint pain.

The beautiful thing about CBD is that you can get as creative as you’d like with how you consume it. You can go the traditional route with a good, old-fashioned pre-roll, or opt for a trendier format. To address targeted areas where you’re experiencing joint pain, Cloud City recommends focusing on topicals, tinctures, and softgels. Here are a few of our favorites:

Cloud City Intensive Relief Rub – 2000mg CBD

This Intensive Relief Rub is one of the best topical CBD products on the market. It contains 2000mg of high-quality, fast-acting CBD that rushes relief to the area on which it is applied. For your convenience, it comes in this roll-on stick format, or a jar.

Cloud City 1000mg CBN Tincture Drops - Mint

Cloud City 1000mg CBN Tincture Drops – Mint

This sublingual tincture features 1000mg of CBN, the hemp-derived cannabinoid that will bring you the best sleep you’ve ever had. The CBN compound is famous for its calming and relaxing effects because of how well its anti-inflammatory properties work. Tackle joint pain from the inside out by dropping a few drops of this tincture under your tongue before bed for a good night of pain-free rest.

Cloud City Sleep Support Softgels

If you prefer an edible form of CBD versus sublingual consumption, consider these Sleep Support Softgels that combine both CBD and CBN cannabinoids for the ultimate relief from all kinds of physical pain.

Now that you know which CBD product(s) to use, let’s get into our experts’ recommendations on how to use CBD products to achieve optimal joint pain relief.

CBD expert recommendations for joint pain

1. Start low and go slow. If you’re a CBD newbie, you should know one mantra we live by at Cloud City Supply: start low and go slow. When you first try it out, start with a low dosage (as your budtender will instruct you to do when you visit in-store). From there, monitor your body’s reactions and gradually increase your dosages as you feel comfortable.

2. Consistency is key. The effects of CBD compound with consistent use. As such, you must give it time to develop a working relationship with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). When used regularly (daily), customers have reported the most palpable relief from joint pain, muscle aches, and other physical pain sensations.

3. Choose high-quality CBD. All CBD products are not created equal. You must get your CBD products from shops you can trust, and that make product information and best practices for use readily accessible.

4. Experiment with different methods (topical, sublingual, edible). As we mentioned earlier, CBD comes in many different formats, making your initiation process a playground for experimenting. There are no wrong answers- only finding what suits your preferences and lifestyle best.

5. Combine your daily CBD ritual with other self-care practices. CBD not only helps to relieve joint pain and other physical pain sensations, but it also helps regulate your entire circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is responsible for various physiological functions, such as sleep, appetite, hormone production (mood and energy), and more. To achieve optimal results, combine CBD with other healthy lifestyle choices such as eating a balanced meal, guzzling down one more glass of water, or as a part of your self-care routine before bed.

Whether you’re new to CBD or are a seasoned vet looking to try something new, Cloud City has you covered. Visit in-store to meet with one of our friendly budtenders who can help give specific recommendations tailored to your personalized needs, or schedule a virtual consultation (it’s free!) with our in-house CBD consultant to talk 1:1 about how CBD can help you with your joint pain needs. The effects of CBD vary and the therapeutic effects you stand to gain are a journey, not a destination!