CBD for Pets: Help Your Pet De-Stress During 4th of July Fireworks

Posted on June 30th, 2024 by cloudcity

cbd for dogs

For humans, the 4th of July is a festive occasion to look forward to. But for our furry friends, it’s quite the opposite. Oftentimes, cats and dogs experience heightened fear and anxiety due to loud fireworks. Especially if you live in a loud neighborhood or a bustling city, fireworks can cause inescapable torture for your animals. With Independence Day around the corner, this blog post will explain how to proactively support your anxious cat or dog with CBD for pets.

Why do pets get anxious during fireworks?

In comparison to humans, cats and dogs have a much keener sense of hearing, so it makes sense that they have an intensified sensitivity to loud noises. Thus, fireworks’ sharp and unpredictable sounds can trigger a strong emotional response. If your pet experiences this kind of stress during fireworks, they might:

  • Shake or tremble uncontrollably
  • Bark or meow excessively
  • Hide or seek solace somewhere dark and quiet
  • Pace or move restlessly
  • Drool or pant heavily
  • Engage in destructive behavior

How CBD for pets can help

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most prevalent compound found in the hemp plant. This extract has gained quite a reputation in recent research and development studies for its calming and stress-reducing effects. In the same way that it dismantles anxiety in humans, CBD can deliver therapeutic benefits to your pet, too. Here’s how:

1. Relaxes stress response: CBD influences your pet’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates physiological processes such as mood and stress responses. By supporting the overall function of your pet’s ECS, CBD promotes calmness and relaxation amidst stressful situations, making it easier for them to cope with alarming noises like the 4th of July fireworks.

2. Reduces anxiety: CBD interacts with the serotonin receptors in your pet’s brain to improve their mood and dismantle anxiety.

3. Ensures a clear mind: Because CBD is non-psychoactive, you can rest assured you’re not getting your pet high. Instead, it promotes a clear and relaxed mind, making it an ideal natural remedy that won’t induce unwanted side effects. CBD takes it easy on your pet’s nervous system and offers a safe solution for stressful events, such as disturbing 4th of July fireworks.

How to support your anxious pet using CBD

Regardless of where you live, fireworks on the 4th of July are inevitable. Therefore, let’s review some tips to support your anxious pet proactively before they get triggered. Here’s how to use CBD for pets to prepare for the Independence Day festivities:

Start early

CBD works best when taken consistently. So, to get ahead of the big day, it’s best to start administering CBD to your pet a few days before. This allows the CBD to begin circulating in their system to provide the most effective relief possible when the fireworks start to pop off.

Use appropriate dosages

When using CBD for pets, always follow the dosage instructions listed on the packaging or consult a professional, such as your veterinarian or one of Cloud City Supply’s knowledgeable budtenders, to determine the appropriate amount for your pet. Typically, dosage recommendations will be based on your pet’s size and anxiety levels.

Keep consistency on the day of

Starting to administer CBD to your pet a few days ahead creates a daily routine you should be in the flow of by the time the event arrives. On the day of, keep consistent with this regimen and give them a dose 30-60 minutes before the fireworks begin.

Create a safe haven

In addition to using CBD for pets, your furry friend will appreciate it if you create a safe space for them to retreat to to maximize its therapeutic effects. Ideally, this room has closed windows and doors, soft bedding, toys they can use for extra emotional support, and maybe even some calming music to help drown out the noise outside.

Allow your pet to experience a calmer 4th of July

With the help of CBD, you can transform the experience your pet is used to on noisy events like the 4th of July from one of panic and fear to one of comfort and tranquility. Cloud City offers premium CBD for pets products that are lab-tested for purity and potency to ensure your dog or cat gets the best care possible. Shop for your four-legged besties in-store and online June 23 – July 4 and get 20% off all Honest Paws and Bailey’s CBD purchases. Discount automatically applied at checkout!