Union Yoga Workshop: Prenatal Yoga, Piston Breath, and Functional Movement

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Union Yoga presents a workshop for practice and to learn techniques to support women through and beyond the pregnancy experience. Spouses and friends are welcome to join this workshop led by Jill Botelho Willett on Sunday, January 21, 1pm-2:30pm. Fee is $35 per person; spouses can join in for $20.

The workshop will consist of 30 minutes of yoga practice, 45 minutes of breathing and movement workshop, and an additional 45 minute yoga practice.

The Piston Breath technique was developed by physical therapist Julie Weibe. This type of breathing enhances the effectiveness of respiration, it increases awareness of the pelvic floor, and helps create stability of the pelvis and protect the back while moving. Using this breath work during pregnancy and the postpartum chapter is highly beneficial in creating balanced engagement of pelvic floor and helps minimize prolapse and incontinence. Piston breath also teaches awareness and in turn discourages over-recruitment or hypertonic pelvic floor often associated with holding or clenching many women use to stabilize their bodies. This breath can be utilized in almost all activities and supports a healthy structure and movement patterns.

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Starts at:
244 Pearl St
Monterey, CA 93940