Exhibitor Information for Second Saturdays in Downtown Campbell

What is Second Saturdays?

Second Saturdays is Downtown Campbell’s monthly vendor pop up exhibition event spiced up with live music. It happens on (you guessed it) the second Saturday of each month from 1pm-5pm.

Requirements for Exhibitors

Vendors are asked to make a $25 donation to the Downtown Campbell Business Association (a 501c6) for Second Saturdays. This donation goes to help fund live music, cover liability insurance, and advertising. No other fees, including commission fees, are required. However, there are some requirements you need to meet before you’ll be allowed to participate.

  • You must have a current California Sellers Permit Number. Sellers permits are free and can be obtained online through the State Board of Equalization (SBOE).

  • Because this event is meant to enhance the already vibrant downtown, we limit "crafts" to those which won't compete with the Downtown Campbell brick & mortar merchants. The DCBA Board of Directors has the right to accept or decline interested parties

Apply to Exhibit

Confirming Your Participation

Upon receipt of your confirmation, your name will be placed on the list for the month specified. You will be contacted for further instruction.

IMPORTANT: Upon receiving your location assignment, you must email back confirming your donation has been made to secure your spot. If we do not hear back from you within 3 days, your space may be offered to another exhibitor.

Additional info

  • You must commit to participating for the entire event. Second Saturdays is advertised as 1-5pm and set up can start at 12pm. Please allow ample time so that you are completely set-up by 1pm and ready to go when the event starts. Tear-down can begin after 5pm.

  • Vendor space is limited and placement is strategically arranged. It is imperative that you set up only in the designated location you are assigned.

  • You are allowed up to a 10x10 spot in your designated location in front of a local merchant's business. We do our best to accommodate with ample overhead protection. In cases where there is no overhang, there is a possibility you may bring your own canopy however this is on a case-by-case basis and must be authorized prior to placement.

  • A typical set up is a fold out table or two, a few short easels, and your art/merchandise. Feel free to set up in a way that is comfortable for you to best display your wares as long as your set-up does not block a doorway or the merchant's windows above 4 feet high and stays within the 10x10 parameters. You will be responsible for providing your own tables, chairs, display, extension cords etc.

Email secondsaturdaycampbell@gmail.com with any additional questions

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