2017 Fall Sidewalk Sale

50% Off Select Oils and Vinegars

Come by and pick up bottles of any discontinued flavors of Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar at 50% off! We'll also have 30% off of Pure and Simple Coconut Oil.

End of Summer Sale

We're moving our summer items before fall arrives. Come and get them!

$19.99 Sale Rack

We'll have California made or crafted apparel items set out for you on our $19.99 sale rack for this weekend's Sidewalk Sale.

One Free Topping with Made to Order Fruit Ice Cream Order

Healthy can be tasty: Its finally here! We are launching made-to-order ice creams made with real fruit and nothing else - no sugar, cream, water or additives! Get your daily dose of fruits and have an ice cream at the same time! All are under 100 calories. Get 1 free topping when you mention the Sidewalk Sale this weekend.

My Secret Closet Deals ($3 and up) + Vintage Treasures Pop-up

My Secret Closet is back for the Fall Sidewalk Sale! It's cash & carry nirvana on new & pre-loved clothing & miscellaneous at $3 and up!

Vintage Treasures & More will also be popping up inside Simply Smashing for this weekend's Sidewalk Sale.

20% Off Retail Fitness Wear/Gear + 2nd Month Free Deal

It's back to school time and a great time to get back to fitness for some of you. Come to our open house this weekend and try out some free classes. If you join this weekend, we'll make your second month's membership free (up to $165 in value). Also, all retail items are 20% off this weekend.