Like Watermelon, but Mo' Funner

San Jose, CA

Here's your next party trick. Pick up a slice of one of these "watermelons" from Frost Cupcake Factory and eat it whole, rind and all, to the amazement of everyone else. Then resist the urge to spit out the "seeds"....

Ritual Day Spa’s Pre-Concert Lemonade Stand

Ritual Day Spa

This Thursday marks the beginning of the 2016 Campbell Summer Concert Series at Orchard City Green. The concert begins at 6:30, and we’ll be serving complimentary lemonade right down the road in front of Ritual Day Spa at 18 N....

Susy Dorn Concert & Puppet Show at Santana Row

Santana Row

Join Susy Dorn and the "Let's Play in Spanish" team to have fun singing and dancing in Spanish. During the years, Susy Dorn and Let’s Play in Spanish have performed throughout the Bay Area in bookstores, schools and libraries. Hundreds of children and their parents have gathered to sing, dance, and laugh in our fun and energetic presentations featuring songs, puppet shows, and lots of fun.