A Monthly Medicine Song Event For Women

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A Medicine Song Event For Women: The Women's Monthly Moon Event
Healing With The Spirits Of The Ancient Healers
as channeled by Karen Glenn

Started from a single, yet powerful women’s event, this new monthly women’s gathering will fill your heart and soul. Understanding that women want and need a deep level of healing and support that will take them through the evening and into the next event, the Medicine Song Healers (Medicine Men, Medicine Women, and Shamans) that Karen Glenn channels have lovingly chosen to honor the requests of the women who attended the first women’s Medicine Song event and to create a monthly gathering where the women can come connect, experience, and heal.

These monthly gatherings will focus on the needs of the women who attend the event. The Medicine Song Healers will choose songs and tones that will settle and prepare everyone for the healings, connect them to their higher selves, and help to release the pain, trauma, and other blocks held by the individual women, as well as, the women as a group. Since each song is specifically designed to work for the individual it will be sung for, and for the energy and needs of the group as well, no two events will be alike.

Come sit with the spirits of the ancient Medicine Men, Medicine Women, and Shamans as they sing their divine healing songs for you.

When: September 2, 2012 (Sun)
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Where: Moonfyre Metaphysical
409 E Campbell Ave, Ste 220, Campbell, Ca 95008
Cost: NEW PRICE of $35

Call 408-370-0333 now to reserve your seat.
Seating is limited.

Cost: New Price: $35

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Starts at:
401 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008