Healing the Chakras with doTERRA Essential Oils

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Healing the Chakras with doTERRA Essential Oils
with Holly Falb

Did you know that you can use doTERRA Essential Oils to help take care of your chakras? Not only can you use them to take care of your chakras, you can use these certified pure essential oils to help you remove and heal the issues that are causing your chakras to become blocked or “dirty.”

It is stated that the chakras are actually states of consciousness centers; with this in mind, stress can be stored as negative energy in these energy centers and be triggered as a start of a dis-ease process in the body. For example, if an individual has an issue of not being able to manifest, than the root chakra maybe blocked with unwanted energy. Another example might be the inability to form lasting relationships. This could be a block in the heart chakra. There are a variety of issues that can come about due to clocked chakras and we will be looking at how you can use these certified pure doTERRA Essential Oils to help clear the blocks from your chakras.

Come join us at this new and amazing class where you will learn how to use certified pure doTERRA oils to help bring about deep healing and a renewed, healthier emotional state. Learn how using certified pure therapeutic essential oils can bring a sense of wellbeing and health to the body and mind.

This class will be held on September 27, 2013 from 7:30-9:30pm at Moonfyre Metaphysical 401 E. Campbell Ave. Campbell.
Cost is $35.

Call 408-370-0333 to sign up for this informative class now!

This class will be given by Holly Falb, LMT and Reiki Master/Teacher.

A raffle will be held and the winner will win an Aromatouch essential oil.

Cost: $35

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