Clone of Clone of Carolina Lugo's & Carolé Acuña's Ballet Flamenco presents "La Vida de los Muertos" ~ The Joyful Journey"

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The theater will resonate with the pulsating sounds of footwork, song, castanets, syncopated hand clapping, and guitar. Carolina Lugo and her daughter Carolé Acuña and their company of Flamenco musicians and dancers paint a visual canvas in movement for a very special evening of entertainment. Returning to the Lesher Center & ODC for the 21th anniversary of the founding of their company, they bring a fascinating new work of art to the stage "La Vida de los Muertos" ~ The Joyful Journey"The dramatic qualities of the story use a haunting Hitchcockian style to remind us of the vulnerability of an artistic life and the immortality of great art and artists. If you have not seen this group in one of its many concert performances, this is an opportunity to experience their high energy and passion, a passion that defines a new dimension in Flamenco and Spanish dance traditions.

Carolé Acuña is a 2016 Isadora Dunce Dance Award Nominee for Individual Performance

"Famenco star Carolé Acuña brings the soul of Spain to San Francisco" - Peter Fish, Sunset Magazine

"Lugo dances the way some French cook-with what appears to be a graceful inevitability discovered on the spot." ~ Ann Murphy, Dance Critic for Dance View West Magazine

Cost: Adults $40 show $20 children/student w/I

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