Mindfulness and the Power of Authenticity--A Class for Men

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Authenticity may be described as being true to oneself and others, with genuineness, sincerity, and transparency. It brings with it personal freedom and empowerment because there is no longer a need to pretend, hide, or compromise ourselves. The practice of Mindfulness helps us live more authentically in all areas of our lives, including relationships, work, etc. In this workshop we will practice Mindfulness skills and explore the concept of authenticity as it relates to your life. Some of our exploration will include:

*Cultivating presence and accepting what is

*Freedom from the opinions/judgments of others

*Embracing vulnerability

*Honesty to self and others and the practice of speaking your truth

Cost: Cost: $50 Registration deadline 4-30-17

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1925 Winchester Blvd, STE 106
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