Author Event: Freedom Child by Chandra Lee Ingram (Recycle Book Club)

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Chandra Lee Ingram, the author of Freedom Child, will come to Recycle Book Club and talk about the very serious problem of slavery: both sex and labor taking place in India. The book is fiction but based on actual current conditions.

About the Book

Thirteen-year old Mukti, a child slave, toils in the granite quarries of Karnataka, India, dreaming of escape. When faced with the abuses of her captors, she thinks back to happier times with her best friend, Ruchita. Mukti is offered a chance at freedom, but she must undertake a dangerous, elaborate journey that is tangled and utterly dependent on her personal discovery of self-worth and courage.

Unbeknownst to Mukti, Ruchita has also fallen victim to enslavement. Ruchita’s only solace is her journal; a place where she can assert her identity in the face of a system that wants to strip her of all dignity and hope.

Freedom Child follows the two girls as they face the horrors of slavery and plan their escape. Will they find each other, or will the cruelties of humanity prove too much to bear?

Author Chandra Ingram has done more than write a powerful novel about slavery; she also educates readers about India’s current corruption, poverty, caste system, and bondage system. She will open your eyes to the horrors of slavery that are still occurring in our so-called “modern” society. This is a must-read for anyone interested in global politics and human rights.

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