Introduction to Crystals 101 by Aura Stream

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In this class, we will go over an in-depth understanding about crystals and their healing abilities. In addition, we will explore crystal properties, cleansing and charging your crystals, shapes and their uses, relationship to our Chakras, use of crystal grids and more!

This course is a great gateway to start your crystal collection or to expand your obsession. Beginner’s crystal packs will be provided by MOMSTERA and will be included in your ticket price, along with other goodies.

We will have a Q&A session to answer any curiosities you may have about the great gems the Earth has provided for us to aid to joy, love, abundance, protection, and healing in our lives.

Everyone is welcome, but space is limited!

AFTER the workshop, please enjoy a private shopping experience at the Momstera Lounge

Course is taught by Angela C., an accredited meditation practitioner and certified crystal therapist.

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