Meet the Keepers of the Downtown Campbell Culture

Posted on March 6th, 2019 by Downtown Campbell

Here are some of the faces that make Downtown Campbell more than just a small district with restaurants and some shops. Every month, a different business in Downtown Campbell hosts this gathering of business owners, nonprofit representatives, and City of Campbell officials to go over upcoming events, share news, and discuss ways to support each other and make Downtown Campbell a better place. The meeting this month was at the newly opened Water Tower Kitchen.

These people are the Downtown Campbell Business Association (DCBA) and they're the community minded volunteers who are behind the scenes of much of what happens in Downtown Campbell. It's really amazing that Downtown Campbell is as well composed as it is because so much of it is being done by volunteers in their "spare time". This isn't typical of a lot of the Main Street districts that you know. Places like Downtown Campbell usually have at least one full time staff person to run the show.

What we lack in resources, we make up for in culture. It's a "culture of doing stuff" and it includes our fans and local residents who reward us for doing what we do by showing up and bringing friends. That in turn encourages businesses who want to be a part of this culture to open up shop in Downtown Campbell and help us keep this thing going.