Plants Are Magic at Momstera Lounge!

Posted on May 26th, 2022 by Momstera Lounge

A sign says "Plants Are Magic" at the recently opened Momstera Lounge in Downtown Campbell. To the owner, Charlene, that's not just a clever slogan, it's her truth. The inspiration that eventually became Momstera Lounge came from a rough period of her life when she discovered that plants were indeed magic to her and that through nurturing plants, she also learned how to care for herself.

Momstera is a pun on the name of the Monstera plant, but made MOMstera as a nod to the challenges and joys of motherhood. The reason why it's Momstera *Lounge* is because Charlene's vision for her shop is for it to be more than just a retail counter. She wants it to be a safe community hang out where friends and customers could stop in, slow down, and disconnect from the outside world.

As a community space, Momstera Lounge, has nights reserved for meditation sessions and "Soil Jams" for anyone who wants to stop in and chill to R&B with lots of plants. You can check on the events calendar on for their upcoming events.

As a store, Momstera has more than just plants (and more plants). You'll also find crystals, decor, and gifts with many of their offerings having been produced by local women. Celebrating and supporting women is a theme of Momstera Lounge. It got its start as a pop-up business at other woman owned businesses and now it's their turn to pay it forward by featuring products made by emerging women entrepreneurs and hosting them as weekend pop-up vendors.

Please join us in welcoming Momstera Lounge to the Downtown Campbell family!