Workshop: Archangel Gabriel - The Messenger

Moonfyre Metaphysical

Archangel Gabreil is a well known Archangel. Known for delivering some of history's greatest messages, Archangel Gabriel has become an endeared favorite in the hearts of many. Get a closer look at this loving and supportive Archangel and learn how to bring her closer to you for guidance, help, and support.

Dream Workshop by Suzette

Moonfyre Metaphysical

Suzette Marie is a Dream coach, an Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master and Clairvoyant. She’s studied with dream experts such as Robert Moss for over a decade and various indigenous leaders. This evening workshop will include learning basics to re-enter your dreams, the basics for group re-entry and telepathy through the aid of Shamanic Drumming.

Steve Smith of the Enlightened Mind comes to Moonfyre!

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Moonfyre Metaphysical

Creating an Enlightened Relationship by Mastering the Metaphysics of Love. How do we create relationships that inspire each partner to be their best? To love each other unconditionally? Join author Steve Smith, LMFT as he discusses the importance of transforming our old beliefs and assumptions about relationships into a new, emerging paradigm.