Lilify Makers Showcase Featuring Leyna Allred of Urb Apothecary

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Join Lilify as we welcome Leyna Allred, maker of the lovingly crafted, handmade skin and body care products of Urb Apothecary on Saturday, November 24, 12pm-4pm. All products are cruelty-free, SLS-free, paraben free, and free of chemical additives and preservatives.

Growing up in rural Northern California, Leyna Allred was perpetually digging in the mud, climbing trees, and imagining living off the land. With this penchant for natural living as kindling, her interest in the medicinal qualities of plants was eventually ignited and she bought every herbal book she could find and became engrossed in simple recipes for liver tonics, healing ointments, and cleansing teas. Before Urb Apothecary was born as a brand, the concept came to fruition in the form of Christmas gifts - she gifted friends and family with an herbal infused healing salve and the response those little tins received was the catalyst for the founding of her business.

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281 Lighthouse Ave
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