Shakespeare's "Henry V" Performed at Pearl Hour

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New Canon Theatre Company presents a performance of Henry V (Abridged) by William Shakespeare at Pearl Hour on Sunday, May 15 at 6pm. $10 cover charge. Seating is limited - arrive early! All proceeds at the door will go towards aid for Ukraine. Ages 21+ only.

This production will feature local professional and community actors, minimal costumes, environmental staging, audience interaction, fine libations, and a ton of fun. Turning a critical eye towards the actions of the titular king, this production focuses on a satirical take on what it means to invade and occupy a sovereign government for personal gain. (Actors, a classic, drinks, and charity. What could go wrong?)

Appearing tonight: Matthew Reich, Justine Stock, Justin Gordon, Anjoli, Johnson, James Brady, Kiana Sorenson, Ashley Tripp, Scott McQuiston, Chelsea Simmons, and Chris Sullinger.

Cost: $10

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Starts at:
214 Lighthouse Ave
Monterey, CA 93940
  • Cast of "Henry V"