Coolest Jeans Ever: Patching & Embellishment Class at Slowfiber

This event has already passed

Slowfiber invites you to join us for our newest class, Coolest Jeans Ever: Patching and Embellishment, beginning Thursday, August 11 at 6pm on Zoom. Please register online here. Fee is on a sliding scale: $12, $17, or $22 per session.

In this online course, we will remake our favorite jeans into the coolest, long lasting, interactive items in our closet...step by step, a few meetings a month, for the rest of the year. Instructor Jaki Canterbury will cover: inside patching, outside patching, fraying, new cuffs, stains, small holes, applique, and more.

Each Zoom class is a separate lesson. You can jump in and out based on your interest in the topic but I recommend you join every session from August to December. It will take us the rest of the year to learn everything, but that's o.k.! We want to own our jeans forever, so what's a few months of hand-stitching joy?

Event Details

Starts at:
517A Hartnell St
Monterey, CA 93940