Cooling Centers Open Sept 6 + 7

This event has already passed

Temperatures have already exceeded 100F and it looks like more of the same coming up. There will be a cooling center open on Sept 6th and 7th at the Campbell Community Center on Sept 6 and 7.

Attendees will need to self screen for COVID-19 symptoms, and wear a mask at all times at the cooling center. Tables and chairs are set a minimum of 8 ft. apart.

The cooling center will be open in room Q-80, which is the size of a very large classroom or a moderately sized banquet hall that can normally seat 300-400 people when used as a theatre space (without social distancing).

Event Details

  • Sep 6 2020
  • Sep 7 2020
Starts at:
Ends at:
1 W Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008