Diving into Solar Power at Portola Hotel & Spa

Posted on February 29th, 2016 by omba

At Portola Hotel & Spa in Old Monterey we are constantly implementing ways for our entire hotel and spa operations to be greener and more energy efficient. Most recently, we completed the conversion of our conventional pool heating system to a solar heating system (even better, it’s made in the United States).

Now in Monterey's warmest months the pool will be solely heated by our new Suntrek solar heater. In cooler months such as April and October, 80% of the heat will be provided by the solar heater and 20% of provided by a gas heater, which will serve as a supplementary heating system during the winter months as well.

By utilizing alternative sources of energy such as solar power, we are able to save energy and greatly reduce our impact. As one of Central California’s first LEED® Certified Hotels by the U.S. Green Building Council, we truly are committed to “leeding” the way for other hotels and commercial properties throughout California and beyond.