Support the 37th Annual Sunshine Freestyle Surfabout

Posted on April 10th, 2017 by Sunshine Freestyle Sport

Sunshine Freestyle Sport is looking forward to our 37th Annual Surfabout in June 2017, but the cost of staging this classic family surfing event exceed what Sunshine's owners, Rich and Robert, can absorb this year. So we're reaching out to our community to help make this authentic, original Monterey County event happen once again. We've started a GoFundMe page and ask for our awesome family members to contribute what you can. Every dollar donated will be used directly and only for the contest. If we don't receive ample funds and have to cancel the contest, we will reimburse everyone who has donated.

This year's event is scheduled for June 3 and 4, 2017. Our timeline for this is to be completely funded by the end of April. Please consider supporting this soulful community event and help us reach our $7,500 fundraising goal.

The Sunshine Freestyle Surfabout is Monterey County’s only annual surfing competition. Initially founded by then-surf shop owner Brad Johnson and his friend Tom Knight, the Surfabout is open only to county residents who want to participate in its men and women’s surfing, longboarding, bodyboarding, and distance paddling competitions.