Dali17's Virtual Reality Museum Tour

Posted on May 11th, 2017 by Dali17 at the Museum of Monterey

On May 12, 2017, the World’s first Virtual Reality (VR) Museum will launch, a collaboration between Dali17 and Greenfield Workshop. The app is called “Dali17 – VR Museum Tours” and will be available to download via Steam.

The VR Museum is based on Dali17 at the Museum of Monterey, the country’s largest private collection of Salvador Dali artwork. Greenfield Workshop is a creative agency that produces unique Virtual Reality Museum tours. The Virtual Reality Museum showcases over 280 pieces of original Salvador Dali art from the Dali17 museum.

“The experience of stepping into a Virtual Reality world is surreal within itself. I am sure that Salvador Dali, a pioneer of surrealism, would have wanted to create his own virtual reality world,” said Dmitry Piterman, owner of Dali17.

Some unique features include the animated “Space Elephant” as your private tour guide, as well as an audio guide that shares the description of each work. The virtual art pieces are fully interactive and unlike real museums, touching is permitted and encouraged. Another feature enables the viewer to transport into one of Salvador Dali's most famous masterpiece, the “Persistence of Memory.” For an even more realistic effect, the VR Museum incorporated the Monterey region into its environment. “I wanted anyone anywhere to be able to visit Dali17 without having to get on a plane,” said Peter Kaiser, CEO of Greenfield Workshop.