Volunteer Opportunities at Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Posted on April 30th, 2018 by NMNA

Did you know that local residents can volunteer to gather data or help the public understand more about the natural environment found around Monterey Bay? Some volunteer opportunities with Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary are one-day events, while others occur over several months. To learn more about any of these activities and/or sign up, please contact Lisa Emanuelson, Volunteer Coordinator.

Snapshot Day is Saturday May 5th this year, when data is gathered for annual comparison. Training for this activity will be Saturday, April 29th.

Urban Watch is conducted in Pacific Grove twice a month for five months each year. Water quality is monitored one week; the next time, trash that’s making its way into the bay is monitored. Training for this activity will be May 16, 2018, in Pacific Grove.

Team Ocean involves kayak naturalists who educate people on the water between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Bay Net involves many volunteers up and down the coastline who educate more than 45,000 people each year about coastal flora and fauna.

First Flush monitors water quality at 37 outfalls between Carmel and Half Moon Bay on the first rain event of the year that exceeds 0.1”. Training for First Flush is conducted in the Fall each year.

Thank you to New Monterey Neighborhood Association for sharing this information with us. If you live in New Monterey, we encourage you to join this great organization and get involved in your community!