Exciting New Summer Cocktails at Montrio Bistro

Posted on August 28th, 2018 by Montrio Bistro

Montrio Bistro invites you to try out new cocktails by our head barkeep, Anthony Vitacca, who's mixing everything from Italian bergamot and botanicals to roasted beet juice, sarsaparilla bitters, and even activated charcoal. Check out our list of new cocktails below and visit us at 414 Calle Principal in Old Monterey.

If You're Not Into Yoga
A grown-up Pina Colada! Hamilton Demerara rum, Dios Baco amontillado sherry, lemongrass, charred pineapple, Noosa coconut yogurt, Tiki bitters, coconut water, lime.

In Spain In The Membrane
Slightly savory with sneaky complexity. Mare Spanish gin, Rosolio Di Bergamotto, Finocchieto, celery bitters, Green Chartreuse dust.

Fairies Wear Boots
Think Good & Plenty with a few SenSen! Redemption rye, Leatherbee charred absinthe, Verdenne creme de mure, charcoal, lemon.

Lipstick and Leather
Strawberry-rhubarb infused gin, Green Chartreuse, roasted beet juice, hibiscus bitters, elderflower meringue, fresh lemon.

That's My Jam
Rich and umami unctuous! Rittenhouse rye, Fernet-Vallet, Dios Baco oloroso sherry, Bonne Maman fig jam, sarsaparilla bitters.