Lighthouse Avenue Traffic Solutions

Posted on April 24th, 2019 by lighthouseave

From Monterey City Manager Hans Usler:

Our traffic in Monterey reflects the driving habits of our fellow Californians. The Lighthouse - Del Monte corridor represents the center piece of our daily traffic challenges and congestion. Our City Council has been proactive in addressing these issues. We have completed the implementation of a traffic signal adaptive system, which uses the latest technologies to conduct calculations about traffic volumes and traffic signals time every 2.5 minutes. The system does not only react to real time traffic, it is capable of storing traffic history data and from there predicting traffic flow. Our studies show that the adaptive system reduced travel time on Lighthouse Avenue by 10% through a 30% decrease in average delay, and most importantly a 32% reduction in stop and go traffic.

The adaptive system is in place on Lighthouse Avenue between Reeside and Hoffman Avenues and on Del Monte Avenue from English to Washington. Currently, we are installing the system on Lighthouse Avenue between Prescott and David. We also have implemented dozens of other tiny tweaks, which in their total will help ease the traffic flow: improvements to crosswalks, new wayfinding signs, trolley services funded by the City and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, transportation demand management, new bike lanes, etc. I encourage you to check out the various programs listed on the City's Traffic Engineering page.

This is an excerpt from City Manager Hans Uslar's letter in the Spring 2019 edition of the City of Monterey's publication, City Focus. We encourage you to read the publication in its entirety (and Hans's letter on page 2 and 3) here.