Old Monterey Foundation Sponsors Walking Tours for Teachers and Local Students

Posted on October 21st, 2019 by omba

Old Monterey Foundation is offering teachers and students throughout Monterey County the opportunity to schedule a weekday visit to the Lower Presidio Historic Park with a class walking tour conducted by historian Tim Thomas. We may also be able to help arrange reduced cost bus transportation for the visiting class.

Old Monterey Foundation also continues to team up with noted Monterey Bay historian and author Tim Thomas to offer outstanding “Lower Presidio Historic Park Walking Tours” for the public on the third Saturday of every month, 10am-12pm.

A recent class tour by instructor Karen Levy of Robert Down brought about 24 students and 6 chaperones to the Park. According to Levy, “My students and chaperones thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour of the Lower Presidio Historic Park. Tim possesses a plethora of knowledge about California's history and he shared many fascinating stories with my students; especially those involving Monterey. Tim's personal ties to the area and his passion for history shone through during his presentation. My students appreciated the Museum tour as well as the ability to be outside and enjoy the new Path of History walk around the park at the Presidio."

If a teacher would like to arrange a class tour at the Lower Presidio Historic Park, please call Wendy Brickman at 831-633-4444 or email her.