Local Chocolates from Sama Delights Now at Lilify

Posted on September 11th, 2022 by Lilify

Lilify is excited to introduce an exquisite new, locally made, pleasure: chocolates made by the talented Sura Ghassan of Sama Delights. They're as delicious as they are beautiful!

These painterly confections are available in boxes of four or eight and include such amazing flavors as Mocha Delights, containing nespresso-flavored ganache topped with coffee beans and a touch of gold; Heba, with cardamom flavored caramel and ganache; and Bonfire S’mores featuring three layers of caramel, marshmallow, and graham crackers.

A gorgeous gift or a delectable act of self love, Sura’s decadent delicacies are available both in our shop at 281 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey and online.