New Lunchtime Yoga Classes at Om Studios

Posted on September 30th, 2017 by Om Studios

During the workday our energy often plummets in the afternoon. We find ourselves reaching for another cup of coffee or even a sweet treat. Skip the caffeine and sugar and take a yoga class instead! Join two of Om Studios' most experienced teachers to guide you through your lunch hour. Be prepared to breathe and sweat! After these 60-min classes, you'll be re-energized to embrace the rest of your day.

Lynn Cordell is teaching our Monday class, 12:30pm-1:30pm, Heated Vinyasa Yoga. The class combines upper and lower body strengthening, flexibility, and alignment-conscious movement in a continuous-flow style.

Kiara McBain is teaching our Wednesday class, 12:30pm-1:30pm, Ki Yoga: Energy Boost. This is a heated Vinyasa class focusing on breath and alignment. Postures are combined with applied kinesiology for added benefit.