The Big Fight: Conquering Anxiety - Boxing Strong

Posted on April 13th, 2020 by Boxing Strong

Anxiety. Intense worries that you can’t control, those are cognitive distortions. They turn into panic attacks complete with heart palpitations, shaking, and or sweating. This can be debilitating for the person experiencing the anxiety, causing their quality of life to dwindle.

In this online workshop, The Big Fight: Conquering Anxiety, taught by Safira and presented by Boxing Strong on Instagram Live on April 22 at 6pm, you will learn how to identify your own thoughts, correct cognitive distortions, reclaim your power, and learn four tips for taking action when anxiety strikes in the moment. Learn about Safira here.

There is no quick fix for anxiety, and it may feel like an uphill battle. By gaining awareness of what causes your symptoms, you can manage them more quickly. You may find some of these suggestions will work for you right away and others may have no effect at all. The key to success is to keep trying.