Check Out a Ukulele at Monterey Public Library!

Posted on May 11th, 2022 by Monterey Public Library

What's that instrument that looks like fun, that no one knows how to spell, and that has vastly different stories about its naming history? It is the ukulele! One less popular tale of the naming origin is that the Hawaiian word for ukulele translates to "the gift that came here." Some note that the Portuguese Vaqueros brought the ukulele to Hawaii possibly from Monterey, CA. (How cool is that?)

Regardless of the many different possible scenarios about the naming of the ukulele, we think it's a blast to play and hope you will too. Check out a ukulele for three weeks with your free library card. Each ukulele kit contains a soprano ukulele instrument, an instruction booklet with a music CD, and a tuner.